S.O.S Quarantena - How to relax


Our lifestyle, our habits, have been drastically changed for weeks now, due to  government restrictions on Coronavirus.

"I'm staying in" has become the password. We are addicted to information that is delivered to us continuously by the TV, news, social media, and these some moments of uncertainty, fear, confusion, stress, we feel overwhelmed. The nights are never ending  and we suffer from sleep problems. 

But staying home must not be felt as a punishment, but rather as a symbol of protection, trust and hope. It is a duty, not only for ourselves but for our country and community.

Limiting, lowering the contagion curve continues to be the right way to go even if it involves enormous sacrifices.

What to do, however, in order not to feel imprisoned in this period of quarantine and suffer from further distresss?

The advice is to deal with it, with some little help tu suppor tour determination.

1) Mental well-being

First of all, it is good to think that the quarantine period is only temporary, and that in truth it is giving us time that we thought we we could not have access to because of our busy life. Time that we can dedicate to ourselves or to others even if far away from us.

It is very important to try to keep busy and mantain a schedule through our day because it allows our brain not to fall into chaos. The routine must be well balanced, organizing the day does not mean monotony, a pinch of imagination and creativity are essential to relax the mind.

What if stress and anxiety take over? Don't worry, try to master your breathing: place your hands on your abdomen and inhale deeply; hold the air for a few seconds and then exhale little by little. Part of your inner struggle will go away with the air and this will help you rest your mind.

Another simple and therapeutic technique is to write down all your worries, in this way you can free your fears and release your tensions.

In addition, it is very important to maintain contact with the outside world, while respecting the rules of social distancing. Sometimes we don't need to receive advice, or to be told what what to do, we just need to be listened to and understood.

Calling a friend, a family member is essential to make us smile again, especially for those who live alone or have unfortunately contracted the virus and are in home isolation.

2) Physical well-being

Quarantine can also affect other aspects of our health that we cannot neglect at this particular moment: nutrition and exercise.

Spending a lot of time at home can lead to inadequate nutrition and neglect of physical activity, with negative consequences for our health and mood.

To mantain a balanced diet, let's not forget to add fruit, vegetables, legumes, and why not, even some dark chocolate that is not considered an enemy of the diet but rather, it is a source of iron, strengthens memory and right doses: 30 g per day - says the nutritionist - can promote the control of cholesterol, increasing the production of the "good" one, ie HDL.

You can practice physical activity indoor, without necessarily using specific equipment but everyday objects.

We  can use the additional time available to improve the feeling of well-being of our body and mind.

For example, stretching allows you to work on the elasticity of the muscles to prevent stiffening; with yoga, physical exercise combines breathing, mental relaxation and awareness of your body.

In addition, exercise improves intuition, creativity and increases self-esteem. It allows you to set goals, the achievement of which requires breaking down obstacles and eliminating fears. It also combats depression because it stimulates the production of chemicals such as Serotonin, Dopamine, Noradrenaline.

To conclude, sport is a great ally of mood, especially because it fights stress. Unfortunately we do not yet know how long this difficult moment will last, but we are sure that we will emerge strengthened from this experience, especially if we are able to face it in the right way.

Let's remember to relax our mind, our body and always see the positive side in any situation, and if despite the advice you can't sleep and thoughts disturb your sleep, try Quietil drops: a food supplement based on extracts vegetables with Theanine, Valerian, Magnesium, Melatonin and Quatrefolic® (Folate) which contributes to normal psychological function. Valerian has good calming properties, acting as a sedative on the brain and nervous system; it also improves the quality of sleep. Magnesium is an important mineral for the production of energy and for the health of the nervous system. According to EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, Melatonin instead promotes falling asleep and contributes to reducing the time to sleep.

Quietil will help you relax in case of stress, reduce sleep awakenings and improve sleep quality, improving the quality of the day.

A good night's sleep is known to be just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. And it's the secret to overcoming the anxiety, worries and stress of these days.

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