VENOSTEN: natural products to fight the sensation of heavy legs!


The problem of tired, swollen and heavy legs is quite common and affects many women.

It often happens, at the end of the day, after having spent most of the hours at work, standing or sitting at the desk, to feel a sense of heaviness in the legs that can cause swelling, tingling and more or less intense pain.

According to statistics, it is mainly women who suffer from problems related to the feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs, especially during pregnancy and in summer.

In fact, with the arrival of heat and high temperatures, swelling in the legs can increase.

Why do the legs swell?

There are many causes that can lead to a sense of heaviness in the legs:

excessive physical exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, an incorrect diet, but certainly among the most common there is undoubtedly poor circulation.

The legs swell because there is a buildup of water from the blood and lymphatic vessels. The blood cannot easily go back to the heart and stagnates in the lower limbs, creating an accumulation of fluids that are not drained, thus causing swelling and heaviness.

How to fight the feeling of heaviness in the legs?

To combat the feeling of heaviness in the legs due to excessive effort, rest is strongly advised; it is useful to raise the legs with a pillow while sleeping; drink plenty of water and consume lots of fruits and vegetables.

You can also apply wraps soaked with fresh water and refreshing herbs such as thyme, rosemary, mint and lavender to promote and stimulate blood circulation.

However, when the swelling and pain in the legs persists and is mainly due to problems related to circulation, to eliminate the feeling of heaviness and pain, the use of natural food supplements is recommended.

Venosten is the natural line designed to relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs and to improve circulation.

Thanks to its exclusive natural formula based on Diosmin, plant extracts of Vine and Centella Asiatica, it promotes the relief and well-being of the legs, contributing to the regular function of the microcirculation, the drainage of liquids and the formation of collagen for the normal function of the vessels. sanguine.

Venosten is available in two formats: tablets and cream.

In its cream formulation, it moisturizes, tones and counteracts the sense of heaviness in the legs.

Venosten cream, used daily, ensures constant protection that prevents the progress of superficial imperfections, giving relief and well-being to tired and swollen legs. It can be used twice a day and is also recommended during pregnancy or under elastic stockings

Try it at the end of stressful work activities, to treat venous varices or post-trauma edema.

Venosten is the natural line designed to help the functionality of the microcirculation and the well-being of the legs.

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