Valerian: the natural help against insomnia


September has now arrived and summer is just a memory, happy but far away! The holidays are over and anxiety and worries take over.

You return to normalcy and to the routine of everyday life: work, traffic, appointments, household chores to do, everything seems more difficult and complicated. You have the feeling of being overwhelmed by commitments and not being able to cope with them.

Stress, the feeling of sadness and general malaise are reflected in our body, causing headaches, decreased energy, attention, mood swings and insomnia.

How to get used to the rhythms of everyday life again?

First of all, try to sleep well. In fact, our body and our mind need to rest in order to recover all the energy needed to calmly face the post-vacation period. But it's not that simple. If we suffer from insomnia, we can use natural remedies such as Valerian.

What is Valerian?

Valerian is a plant belonging to the Valerian family, the term derives from the Latin valére, “to be healthy”.

It is an ancient herb, formed by small tubular flowers, pale pink or white and blooms in summer. It grows in humid places: in the undergrowth or along waterways.

Its use has ancient origins, in fact it was used for medicinal purposes since the times of the ancient Greeks.

Its active ingredients (valerenic acids, valepotriates and alkaloids) act on the central nervous system, improving the quality of sleep.

Thanks to its sedative properties, this plant helps fight anxiety, stress and disorders related to insomnia.

In fact, Valerian helps reduce the time needed to fall asleep and regulate sleep activity by improving its quality.

It is available in different formats: drops, dry extract, tablets or in sachets to prepare excellent infusions or herbal teas.

Thanks to its calming properties against anxiety and stress, valerian should never be missing in the cabinet of natural remedies.

Valerian-based products can be purchased in a herbalist's shop or in a parapharmacy.

In addition, Valerian is used above all in the preparation of natural food supplements such as Quietil Drops: a food supplement based on plant extracts with Theanine, Valerian, Magnesium, Melatonin and Quatrefolic® (folate).

 Quietil Drops will help you relax in case of stress, reduce sleep awakenings and improve sleep quality, improving the quality of the day and returning to work!

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